Club Information Sheets

Club Contacts are required to turn in a Club information Sheet prior to the start of the fall season. Form was emailed out to all clubs or can be found on our forms page! 

Team Declaration

Teams that want to play in NWOYSL for Fall  2022 can CLICK HERE or use this link to declare to play. Deadline is July 13th.

Coaching Class

The two courses (9v9 and 11v11) are now posted in the US Soccer Learning Center.  

 To access the courses, coaches will first have to create a profile in the Learning Center and then complete the 20-minute “Intro to Grassroots coaching” course. 

Plan is to have the on field portion done at Fireside on August 14th. Pass along to coaches that need licenses. The only way to access the courses to create a profile and complete the two prerequisites.

U.S. Soccer Learning Center (


Spring Winners

Here is the list of Division Winners - Congratulations to all teams! 

divison team
MALE BU8 D2 Toledo Celtics B2014 Black
MALE BU8 D3 Toledo Celtics B2014 Green
MALE BU9 D2 Perrysburg Soccer Club Perrysburg SC-Boys U9 Black
MALE BU9 D3 Sylvania United Boys U9
MALE BU9 D4 Liberty Benton Soccer Association LB Eagles FC U9
MALE BU10 D1 Pacesetter South 2012 Boys Red
MALE BU10 D2 Sylvania United Boys U10 White
MALE BU10 D3 EAST Pacesetter South 2012 Boys Black
MALE BU11 D2 Pacesetter Soccer Club Pacesetter B2012 Pre ECNL
MALE BU12 D1 Sylvania United Boys U12 Blue
MALE BU12 D2 ESSL Arsenal BU12G
MALE BU12 D3 Evergreen SC Evergreen Vikings BU12 Team
MALE BU13 D1 Pacesetter South 2009 Boys Red
MALE BU13 D2 BGSC Boys U13
MALE BU13 D3 PCFC U13 Boys
MALE BU14/15 D1 Sylvania United Boys U14
MALE BU14/15 D2 Pacesetter South 2007/08 Boys Black
MALE BU14/15 D3 PCFC U15 CoEd
FEMALE GU78 Greater Toledo Futbol Club GTFC Impact Girls 2014 HC
FEMALE GU9 D2 Perrysburg Soccer Club Perrysburg SC-Girls U9 Gold
FEMALE GU9 D3 Greater Toledo Futbol Club GTFC Impact Girls 2014
FEMALE GU10 D1 Anthony Wayne United Soccer Club AW Girls 2012 Blue
FEMALE GU10 D2 Sylvania United Girls U10
FEMALE GU10 D3 NORTH Archbold Bluestreaks G10
FEMALE GU11 D1 Perrysburg Soccer Club Perrysburg SC-Girls U11 Gold
FEMALE GU11 D2 Maumee Soccer Club GU11
FEMALE GU11 D3 Greater Toledo Futbol Club GTFC Impact Girls 2011 Grey
FEMALE GU12 D1 Greater Toledo Futbol Club GTFC Impact Girls 2010 Premier White
FEMALE GU12 D2 Pacesetter Soccer Club Pacesetter G2011 Pre ECNL
FEMALE GU12 D3 YELLOW Delta FC Delta G12
FEMALE GU13 D1 Liberty Benton Soccer Association Liberty Benton FC Fusion Blue U13 Girls
FEMALE GU13 D2 Pacesetter Soccer Club Pacesetter G2010 Pre ECNL
FEMALE GU13 D3 Monroe Area Soccer Association Monroe United U13G
FEMALE GU14 Greater Toledo Futbol Club GTFC Impact Girls 2008 Grey
FEMALE GU15 BSA Bryan U14/15 Girls


ALL games must have a score entered. Any game without a score will be treated as a 0-0 TIE. 

End of the Season Awards

Awards...Rather than us choosing an award that we think everyone will absolutely love (because we all know that isn’t possible 😊), we are going to do things a little differently this year.  For any team that wins their respective division, your club will be issued a check.  The amount of the check will be based on the total number of players on your roster.  So, if you have 17 players on your roster, your club will receive a check for $170.00.  Then you can purchase any type of award for your team. The checks will be issued to your club and made payable to your club.  In the event a club would like to have a check made payable to a coach or manager, contact must be made with the league office, by the club contact only.  Clubs must be in good standings with the league (all fees paid) before checks will be issued to the clubs. Of course in order to determine winners ALL scores must be entered for all games.

Spring Season

Please remember to print game day rosters before every game. Scores must be reported online 24 hrs AFTER game.  Referees will need both player and admin cards at the beginning of every game. Certified Referees are to be paid at each game. Game reports can be mailed or emialed into the league office. 

Referee Fees: 

Age Group       Referee  Fee    Asst Ref. Fee     Total $ per Game    Game  Length

U7/U8                     $30                None              $15.00                    4/10 minute Quarters

U9, U10                   $30               None               $15.00                   2/25 Minute Halves

U11& U12               $34                $25                $42.00                   2/30 Minute Halves

U13, U14, U15        $40                $30                $50.00                    2/35 Minute Halves

Game Day Rosters & Scores

Step by Step Game Day Instructions are here. Also how to ADD a guest player to your roster for a game! 


If you cannot log in to your team page: you can access GAME REPORTS, go to the schedule page of the league website. Click on your division, Click on your team. Go to the list of your games at the bottom of the page - for the game you need click on "VS" and you will be directed to a page where you can PRINT the GAME DAY REPORT!